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    Local Dive Sites

     Some sections still Under construction

   Location Map     PDF map of wreck locations in Darwin harbour

     WWII Wrecks  

     USAT Meigs       US Transport ship 430 feet long  

     Mauna Loa       US Transport Ship 410 feet long

     USS Peary       US Destroyer 314.4 feet long  

     British Motorist       Tanker 440.2 feet long

     Zealandia       Troop ship 410 feet long

     Kelat       Old sailing ship used as a coal barge

    Cyclone Tracy Wrecks

     Booya       A steel hulled Three Masted schooner   35.8 metres long ( Virtually intact )

             The site is under the control of the heritage branch and has a strict permit system is in operation.

             The diving of the historic wreck of Booya  can only be done through local  dive operators.

             No fishing at the site at all.


     Darwin Princess        Steel ferry 75 feet long

     Mandorah Queen      Steel ferry 22m long

     Dieman        Prawn trawler 73 feet long

     Bell Bird        Prawn trawler 85 feet long


    Artificial Reefs/Wrecks

     Song Saigon        Vietnamese Refugee Boat                           

     Ham Luong        Vietnamese Refugee Boat  

     John Holland Barge        Barge 18m x 12m

     Medkhanun         Fishing vessel 25 meters long

   DSAC Barge        Derelict barge and 2 other vessels

   Marchart 3        Prawn trawler / freighter   32 metres long            

     Bottle Washer        Old Bottle washer sunk at angler reef

     Kay Lee       Steel commercial fishing boat 50 feet long

    Other sites

     Sand Bar Barge        Small landing barge

      Buffalo landig craft        Amphibious craft LVT

     SS Brisbane     Steam Ship 85.3 metres in length wrecked 1881

      Ellengowan     Schooner rigged steam ship sunk in 1888 Located by DSAC Members

      Dudley Bommies        Shallow dive through large coral bommies

      Weed Reef         Shallow dive through large coral bommies

      East Point Bommies        Shallow dive through large coral bommies

      The Pinnacle        Large rocky ridge


      Catalina 1        Catalina flying boat

      C 47 Dakota        C 47 Dakota plane



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